House Roberts Street

House Roberts Street (Photo credit: Mark Morgan Trinidad A)

Sheffield - CBD (Central Business District)

Sheffield – CBD (Central Business District) (Photo credit:

06c Armory Building (E)

06c Armory Building (E) (Photo credit: Kansas Sebastian)

gobcobatron-interior-house-panorama-photos_gehma_0 Only selected general materials are listed here; in fact, specific sources are generally excluded from this guide. Terms related to a particular building material (e.g. straw, adobe), a stylistic term (e.g. Shaker, Safavid), or cultural descriptor (e.g. nomads, Haida) will lead to additional worthwhile

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

material, even when the main focus is not architecture per se, and should be searched as well. Vernacular architecture and landscape architecture, often called the “ordinary” or “traditional” built environment, is a subject which crosses many disciplines: architecture, landscape architecture, historic preservation, building science, cultural anthropology, urban geography, archaeology, material culture, history, folklore, gender studies and human geography among them


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