An animated GIF of a tesseract

An animated GIF of a tesseract (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One may come across
various types of space in architecture:
Abstract space, artificial space, Baroque space, capitalist space, Cartesian space,
cinematic space, conceptual space, communicational space, cosmic space, cubist space, cultural
space, differential space, digital space, divine space, ecological space, egocentric space,
epistemological space, Euclidean space, existential space, expressionist space, family space,
fantastic space, felicitous space, formalist space, functionalist space, galactic space,
geographical space, geometric space, global space, Hegelian space, heterogeneous space,
ideological space, industrial space, ineffable space, infinite space, irrational space, Kantian
space, literary space, local space, Marxist space, mathematical space, mental space,
metaphysical space, mobile space, modern space, montage space, musical space, natural
space, neutral space, Nietzschean space, non-Euclidean space, organic space, perceptual
space, peripheral space, personal space, perspectival space, physical space, psychological
space, pictorial space, plastic space, poetic space, political space, postmodern space, pragmatic
space, public space, real space, religious space, representational space, semiological space,
social space, socialist space, strategic space, symbolic space, tactile space, textual space,
topological space, urban space, virtual space, visual space, warped space…

There is no single
definition of space.


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