Traditional houses

TRADITIONALEthiopian traditional house types are characterized by their simplicity.

It appears that great pains are taken to avoid plamboyance of style

. Materials are used in the simplest and the most obvious ways.
ethiopian house types may also be classified according to the building process used.

The three main process are
• piliing
i.e the process used in connection with elements
such as blocks, burnt bricks and stones
• twining or tying
i.e the process by which building elements are tied
together by rope, plant twigs or other suitable element
• weaving
i.e bamboo and grass are excellent examples of materials that can be woven to produce houses
inorder to present a simple overview we decided to group

the various peoples of ethiopia into three major ethnic groups and give a couple of examples for each
I. the semetic cushtic group
i.e the provinces of Tigray, Gojjam, Begemeder ,Shoa…
II. the cushitic group
i.e the provinces of Oromo , e.t.c
III. the nilotic group
ie the provinces of Sidamo, Welayita, Chencha, Mao,Gunza.


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