TRADITIONAL houses-chencha house

English: Bamboo cane furniture

English: Bamboo cane furniture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The chencha house
the chencha house is found in a small highland area and its
surroundings are the homes of dorze tribe.
• the economyPicture11
-their economy is based on hunting and agriculture.
• Cultural values
-their effects have been seen most in the functional organization
-the space has two distinct areas separated by bamboo partitions
approximately two meters high.
-the backside portion serves as a store, where as the other activities are carried out in the front.
-in the middle of the room there exists a fireplace,consisting essentially of three stones
-half way along the wall there are tiny openings that serve as smoke outlets
-there exists a bed made of four wooden legs and a row of bamboo strings.
• Physical identity
-surface quality
highly textured using bamboo pieces
– massing and shape
one volume is formed from top to the twining of the horizontal
rings with vertical pieces and finally forms an oval shape.
-size  Picture12the house is six to eight meters in height.

Market day in Chencha Ethiopia

Market day in Chencha Ethiopia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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