Traditional house- oromo house

Sod roof / grass roof in Oslo, Norway.

Sod roof / grass roof in Oslo, Norway. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The oromo house
• Cultural values
-their cultural values affect their functional organization of spaces the most
-the doors open toward the center of the complex which is considered to bePicture9
the most important space in house a fire place made of three clay bricks
takes up most of th space
-to the left of the entrance there is an area reserved for calves
the entire room is not subdivided but is felt as one room with low partitions
segregating the functions
The oromo house is rich in in-built furniture
The bed:
-the bed is kept close to the center adjacent to low partition walls.
– the bed is made of wooden legs and leather strapping
The gullilat (the top pot):
-these utensils are used not only as kitchen but are also placed on
top of the hut at the end of construction as decoration.
• Physical identity
-surface quality
-highly textured using wood and grass and somehow
smoothing the chika (mud)mortar
-a vertical pattern is formed by the sticks on the facade
-shape and massing
-has a cylindrical shape hut with the conical roof on top
-the conical roof seems to dominate the composition.
-spatial conceptPicture10
-the oromo house is centralized
• Climate
– the oromo region is very green and fertile in nature due to its presence in the dega( humid climate) area
• Materials
-wood, chika/clay, grass -sembelet- a preferred type of grass for the project
-tusha- a rope made of sembelet used to tie grass to the roof frames.
• Construction.
kabaas: the structural system that supports the roof
– a central pole carries all the detaching beams to the outer columns.
-a framework of split eucalyptus poles set in the ground (quami).
-horizontal and diagonal braces are ten tied to the vertical member
(mager ) thus creating a very sturdy wall
– the wall is plastered on both sides with ( chika-mud)


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