Due Diligence
Due diligence and project analysis are highly recommended for every sector. The U.S. Embassy offers the following fee-based services to assist in these efforts:
International Company Profile (report on an individual company) Gold Key Service (arranging appointment schedule with relevant parties) International Partners Search (compiling information on potential strategic partners)
Please see and for more information on these services.
If U.S. firms require extensive and detailed market research or project analysis, the U.S. Embassy can recommend local consultancy firms.
Local Professional Services
The following list includes companies that render general professional services (see
Web Resources section below for website and email links).
Disclaimer: This list is not comprehensive and inclusion does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the U.S. Government.
Banking and Finance
Abay Bank, Addis International Bank, Awash International Bank, Bank of Abyssinia, Berhan International Bank, Bunna International Bank, Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Construction and Business Bank, Cooperative Bank of Oromia, Dashen Bank, Development Bank of Ethiopia, Lion International Bank, Nib International Bank, Oromia International Bank, United Bank, Wegagen Bank, Zemen Bank
Hotels and Meeting Facilities
Ghion Hotel, Harmony Hotel, Hilton Addis Ababa, Jupiter Hotel, Radisson Blu, Sheraton Addis Ababa
Tour Operators
Abyssinian Tours, Altour-Ethiopia, Ethiopia Travel, Ethiopian Rift Valley Safaris, Experience Ethiopia Travel, GETTS Travel, Travel Ethiopia
Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions, Construction Contractors Association of Ethiopia, Encore Employment Training Services, Ernst & Young, Ethio-Jobs, Ethiopian Bar Association, Ethiopian Business Development Services Network, Ethiopian Economics Association, Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association, Ethiopian Information Technology Professional Association, Ethiopian Information Technology Professionals Association, Ethiopian Leather Industries Association, Ethiopian Medical Association, HST Consulting, Precise Consult International
Web Resources
Electronic Commerce
Ethiopian Commodity Exchange
Ethio Gift
Ethiopian Airlines
Genuine Leather Craft
Zemen Bank
Chambers of Commerce
Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association
Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association
Advertizing Agencies
251 Communications
Addis Business
Afro link Studio
B.T. Digital Advert
Cactus Advertising
Horizon Ethiopia
Lion Advertising
Mono 2000 PLC
Zeleman Production
Addis Zemen (Daily Amharic newspaper)
Capital (weekly)
Fortune (weekly)
New Business Ethiopia
Press Digest (weekly)
Sub Saharan Informer (weekly)
The Daily Monitor
The Ethiopian Herald
The Reporter (weekly)
Ethiopian Government Media
Ethiopian News Agency
Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency
Radio Fana
Walta Information Centre
Banking and Finance
Awash International Bank
Bank of Abyssinia
Berhan International Bank
Bunna International Bank
Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
Construction and Business Bank
Cooperative Bank of Oromia
Dashen Bank
Development Bank of Ethiopia
Lion International Bank
Nib International Bank
Oromia International Bank
United Bank
Wegagen Bank
Zemen Bank
Hotels and Meeting Facilities
Ghion Hotel
Harmony Hotel
Hilton Addis Ababa
Jupiter Hotel
Radisson Blu
Sheraton Addis Ababa
Tour Operators
Abyssinian Tours
Altour Ethiopia
Ethiopia Travel
Ethiopian Rift Valley Safaris
Experience Ethiopia Travel
GETTS Travel
Travel Ethiopia
Other Web Resources and Links
Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions
Ethiopian Bar Association
Ethiopian Business Development Services Network
Ethiopian Economics Association
Ethiopian Medical Association
Ethiopian Information Technology Professional Association
Precise Consult International
Construction Contractors Association of Ethiopia
Encore Employment Training Services
Ethiopian Information Technology Professionals Association
Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association
Ethiopian Leather Industries Association
Ernst & Young
HST Consulting
U.S. Government websites and
World Bank website:
Doing Business in Ethiopia report:


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