The Venetian Blue Hour

Planet Bell

Venice Church and Goldolas Photographers call the time after sunset before it gets totally dark the “blue hour.” It is a great time to take photos, especially cityscapes, as the intermingling of natural and artificial light creates  dramatic effects and the world is imbued with blue.

For non-photographers like my wife, it is also a “blue hour” but for different reasons. She is usually bored and blue while waiting for me to take photos before we can move onto something more fun. Sometimes I pacify her with wine and that makes her happy.

Few places in this world are as photogenic as Venice; the blue hour is pure magic in this ancient city of canals. Each evening, I spent the blue hour atop a bridge or down an alleyway on the canal photographing the magic, experimenting with long exposures to blur the lights of the boats in the water. Those evenings in Venice are…

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