Goal: Work on those introvert empathy powers

so... this is my life now

I always thought I was good at empathizing—I’m an introvert, so what else do I have to contribute to a friendship but thinking about feelings and our deep interpersonal connections? But then I watched this video and had to reconsider:

Before my wedding last June, I had been living alone and teaching freshmen for two years. I got accustomed to keeping to myself. Ninth-graders have no filter and ask way too many personal questions, so I got used to curtly saying, “Irrelevant” and moving on to my lesson (consequently, “irrelevant” became their favorite word).

And I guess I stopped connecting to people.

I didn’t want to share too much, and I certainly didn’t want to seem vulnerable, so I just chose to listen and not show myself to friends who felt alone.

Starting now, I’ll share a little more (at least in person).

It’s time for me to reconnect.


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