Kisiizi falls

Kabale Chronicle

About one hour’s drive from Kabale in the neighbouring Rukungiri District, is Kisiizi. The town is predominantly known for its waterfalls, which are found just a short walk from the main centre.

There is something mesmerising about a big waterfall, rather like watching fire. The water fades into spray as it falls. At the bottom of the waterfall, the spray swirls as it is thrown upwards and then dragged back down by the force of the falling water.

The waterfall also has a tragic history. The site was used for killing young women who became pregnant out of wedlock. It was used for this purpose until the arrival of Europeans and Christianity, who quickly put a stop to it. The waterfalls are now used more productively, they are used to generate electricity for the town.

Kisiizi itself is a pleasant town. It is quiet and well spaced, unlike so many African…

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