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Sears Roebuck & Company

What Went Wrong? The 3 C’s of Failure

How we got here. Read the series:

 What Went Wrong? The 3 C’s of Failure

  1. Culture
  2. Customer
  3. Change

In the next installments, I will visit each of these individually. I am sure there are those of you will disagree and offer comments. That’s fine with me.

For the better part of a century, Sears was the central warehouse for the American consumer. Sears buyers became the buying ‘agent’ for Americans. Time after time surveys confirmed that Sears was the most trusted economic institution in the county. It grew to be one of the seven or eight largest corporations in the world. Two out of three Americans shopped at Sears every three months and over half of American households carried a Sears credit card. Sears at that time employed over a half-million employees.

In the early 70’s…

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