A well-designed public space in Bangalore!

Brave New Cities

About a year ago, I happened to buy a book called “The Design of Everyday Things” by Donald Norman for $1 at a garage sale in Brooklyn, and it serendipitously turned out to be one of the books that have most influenced how I view design until this point, not even excepting anything written about or by Steve Jobs. The basic premise of the book is that a well-designed object is one where the designer genuinely considers how humans interact with physical objects, and through this consideration, designs the object to do a few essential things:  first, the object immediately communicates to the user the conceptual model of how it works through the design. So a door ought to communicate whether it should be opened by pushing, pulling or sliding. In other words, the conceptual model of how the door works should be evident in the design. Second, an object…

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