recharged by the direct involvement of the best, most forward- thinking architects we have.”

recharged by the direct involvement of the best, most forward- thinking architects we have.”
Urban design is that part of city planning which deals with the physical form of the city. This is the most creative phase of city planning and that in which imaginationand artistic capacities can play a more important part. It may also be in some respects the most difficult and controversial phase; and because of all these factors, it has been less explored than other aspects.
With the new approach to architecture, landscape architecture, road
engineering, and city planning, accepted formulas had to be thrown
It is logical that the changes in all these fields have developed independently, each group trying to establish a new set of principles and a new language of forms. It now seems equally logical that the progress in the different professions be brought closer together, so that a synthesis can be achieved in terms of urban design.
I do believe that now, after many years of individual, isolated work, we are logically coming to an era of synthesis. Like the instruments in an orchestra, these elements of urban design all have their parts to play in the total performance. The result must be harmonious and cannot be reached by individual competition. I believe we are conscious that city planners, landscape architects, and architects can be only part of a larger team of specialists required to solve urban design problems; but I also believe that our three professions are already very close and that it may be easier first to come to an agreement among ourselves and then, later on, discuss the participation and relationship of the other specialists who should complete the team.






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