Socio Spatial Agency – Spatial Design 2013

heather C design

Interchange used as public space and live-work infrastucture

All images and text copyright of Heather Crawcour.

“The right to the city is not merely a right of access to what already exists, but a right to change it…” (Harvey, 2003, p. 939)

During 1963-64 the Dominion Road interchange was constructed in anticipation of the 1960’s Auckland motorway plan that was abandoned in the 1970’s. The resulting monolithic concrete mass demolished homes and community connections and created a car-centric zone. This project proposes re-appropriation of infrastructure for an arts community

  1. Reconfigure New North Road to meet Dominion Road thus creating a traditional four-way intersection for cars
  2. The now redundant interchange elements – the flyovers, underpasses and arcs, become the infrastructure for an arts community
  3. This comprises social structures (live-work-exhibition spaces), gallery spaces, gathering spaces, and access points that combine public space and private dwelling

The project provides social structures for an…

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