Paradise Circus Redevelopment…a chance to reconnect the city

Architecture on my doorstep

The Paradise Circus redevelopment has the potential to change the face of Birmingham and create new and exciting links through the city as well as forming new public spaces.

Paradise Circus & Central Library

Birmingham does appear to be in the architectural press a lot more recently and one development which has huge potential to create headlines is Paradise Circus. There was a really interesting piece in last months Architects Journal about the Paradise Circus redevelopment, which will unfortunately result in the bulldozing of Madin’s Central Library but provide the opportunity to restore connectivity between two major parts of the city. The piece is about a design ‘charrette’ involving different design teams from various architectural practices and their ideas for the redevelopment. Each team uses the current masterplan by Argent as a basis for their designs, in some proposals reworking it and in others completely tearing it up and starting from scratch. Several key drawings are…

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