Khorasan and Indian Architecture

Borris Fistikli

In order to fully understand the full scope of Indian Islamic Architecture, it is important to state that it is indeed a mixture of 2 cultures. What I’d like to prove, really, is that when Islamic Architecture came to India, in reality it became better because it interpreted the indigenous Hindu architecture of India.

The only Islamic president to Mughal Architecture in India, as far as I am concerned comes from the Greater Khorasan Region of Central Asia, and no where else. The Islamic world is very vast, and I want to only limit any presidents to this reason, mainly because that is the region to where the Mughals are ethnically tied, but also because I don’t believe that any other region has influenced Indian Islamic Architecture other than Khorasan, even though Khorasan has always been influenced by many other cultures including Indian Culture. But when you look at both…

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