Differences I Saw Between China and Canada Urban Design

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I came from China. I saw so many differences between China and Canada and the cities’ construction is one of the biggest difference, I’ll list them and discuss about why this happened.

In Canada, most cities have their own downtown, it’s always the economic center and entertainment center of the city.  Outside downtown, the other part of city just looks like built in forest. You can only find trees when you view uptown Toronto from a high building. The buildings are always 2-floor high and there is not many apartments can be found. People lives in house and bungalows. The whole design is environment-friendly.

But in China, the whole city looks like a honeycomb. High buildings were built very close to each other, people go across the streets for working, studying. Only subway can take you anywhere you want to go to and buses are too much more than Canada’s…

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