Detroit a lesson in Urban Renewal

Flawed Design

So I’ve thinking a lot about moving to Detroit, but of course everybody, family and friends alike have mentioned that would be a bad decision. However, I think that this is city that will make a come back much like New York did after the 70s and the 80s. We can even make a more likely comparison such as how Philadelphia is on the upswing. I’m reading right now the Detroit Future City: the strategic framework plan developed in 2012 for the revitalization of this city. It’s not only a great experiment in urban planning and design, but also a great experiment self determination for the Detroitians that decide to stay and make a go of making their city great again.

I know a lot of people see that this might happen as Detroit was seen as total lost as portrayed in the 1990s classic film Robo Cop. However, I…

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