“Cycling Utopia” = Streetscape Disaster


Have you guys seen Norman Foster’s Sky Cycle on the news lately?

Norman Foster is a Pritzker Architecture Prize and Aga Khan Award for Architecture recipient widely known for designing Wembley Stadium as well as that large modernist phallus in the middle of London’s financial district… you know the one, it’s also known as The Gherkin.

Norman Foster and, we assume, + Partners, have within the past few days released a vision for a “cycling utopia” to run above London’s railway lines. Essentially, he’s proposing an extensive network of elevated cycling highways following the existing train routes. Is this just some crazy architects dream, or is this actually something that can happen?

As an optimistic design student, I want to high five Normy right now and take him out for drinks in a total fan-girl but non-romantic way. I want to pick his brain about how he thinks this shit…

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