I then researched on Islamic Art. Islamic Art is based upon cultural religious societies. It is mostly known for Islamic architecture, Mosques, books, murals, textiles etc. Since I was missing home i thought bringing islamic calligraphy would be better thing to do for my sanity.

I then researched from books and found really interesting persian carpets which brought some kind of comfort to me. I then experimented with calligraphy by writing my name in Urdu. By the way I’m from Pakistan, Karachi and my mother language is Urdu. And Arabic calligraphy is much similar in writing though very different when spoken.

Suddenly, it struck since i had an advantage of staying here before i could easily ask my arab friends for some help in translating words. After spending some time with my friend Maryam ( from Bahrain) I came to realise how beautiful this language was and how much effection/purity…

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