Competition: ULI Open Space Award

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The Urban Land Institute’s Open Space Award “Urban Open Space Award celebrates and promotes vibrant, successful urban open spaces by annually recognizing and rewarding an outstanding example of a public destination that has enriched and revitalized its surrounding community”

Guess who won last year?


ULI Open Space

More here on that.


Wouldn’t it be great to get a twofer?  But whether in Vancouver or elsewhere in North America, the competition is open:

Eligible projects must:

  • Be located in an urbanized area in North America;
  • Have been open to the public at least one year and no more than 15 years;
  • Be predominantly outdoors and inviting to the public;
  • Be a lively gathering space, providing abundant and varied seating, sun and shade, and trees and plantings, with attractions and features that offer many different ways for visitors to enjoy the space;
  • Be used intensively on a daily basis, and act…

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