Common Transportation Issue in Big Cities

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Traffic became one of our biggest issue since 2000. The bad traffic wasted our time and ruined our days. What is problems? How did that happen? Here are my opinions.

1.Too many vehicles. After the technology became common in our life. Cars became a necessary part of our daily life, we drive or ride the bus; we travel to another city by driving;  we also use cars to transport goods, heavy things like TV. But at the same time,  it brought lots of effects like pollution, bad traffic, greenhouse climate etc. To solve this problem, government can improve the bus system, make it faster and easier. Many people will ride bus because of the high cost for fuel.

2.Urban Design. This issue is very common in China. More than 90% people in the city live in apartment and Chinese apartments usually doesn’t allow other people pass.(@Gandalf) The vehicles must go…

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