Car-less cities… an urban dream?

Sustainable Building Design

The much debated subject of city transport results in a number of proposals for car-free cities / pedestrian & cycle-friendly streets and efficient public transport schemes.  An American study reckons that trucks and light vehicles contribute 60% of US transportation emissions, which in turn account for 30% of all the nation’s carbon emissions.

Graph: Total transportation carbon Emissions (USA)

Each year, the average car sends 7 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere—about three and a half times the vehicle’s weight.  – Source

Advancements in technology will result in reduced carbon emissions:

  1. Improvements to vehicle technology means that cars can go further on a tank of gas.
  2. Biodiesel = cleaner fuel. (problem is that with food scarcity a growing grobal concern, any crops dedicated for fuel results in less food production area!)
  3. electric car technology becomes more affordable (The problem with electric cars is that electricity is still predominately…

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