Architects do it with models

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Do their jobs. With miniature models. What were you thinking? 😉

At Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), the urban planners do it with models, too. Mohd Yazid, model-maker extraordinaire, has been crafting these scaled-down buildings for the past 30 years at URA. I just read about him on URA’s online magazine, Going Places.

Friends who’ve visited me from other countries may have been taken on my Chinatown walking tour, which begins with the URA City Gallery, crafted by Mohd Yazid (now I know!). One of my favorite places in Singapore, the City Gallery shows a three-dimensional bird’s eye view of the city-state. There are models of buildings that are currently being built, and some that have not yet been built, showing what Singapore’s ever-changing skyline would look like in a couple of years.


The detailing on finished buildings is really fantastic.


Just before I moved here, my friend Hannah…

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