TransitBridge Portland

Adam Oswald Architecture

Landscape Architecture Studio
Fall 2013
Building: 119,000 sf
Masterplan: 1.2 million sf

The goal of TransitBridge was to create a metaphorical and physical bridge that connects the City of Portland to a future system of transit infrastructure in the region and country. This was a group project in an urban design studio within Oregon’s Landscape Architecture department.

Likened to an airport terminal with an urban context, the project focuses on the connection of Portland’s local and region transit options while integrating a variety of mixed-use programming and an ecological system that emphasizes the city’s natural context. The proposed district is an infrastructural response that leverages the character of Portland to create an attractive destination for transit networks.

My individual exploration within the group project focused on the physical bridge intervention itself: the experiential qualities, how it connects to existing infrastructure, the actual structure, and how it interacts with the rest of…

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