the zipper

places over time

Guerrilla Development is continuing its tradition of unorthodox projects with a new proposal for NE 28th and Sandy, a single-story retail storefront building on an odd triangular lot to be called “The Zipper.” This project, as with Guerrilla’s other projects like The Ocean, The Rocket, and The Fair Haired Dumbbell(vimeo), aims to build on a difficult site by creating something unique and different. Located on an old car dealership, the quarter-ish block is located on the highly visible corner of NE 28th, the retail and restaurant mecca, and the fantastically diagonal Sandy Boulevard. 28th Avenue is a major connector with one of the only freeway overpasses to the North that has decent bicycle amenities, and is an Eastside destination to the South with everything from the bars over on Stark, to Whole Foods and the Laurelurst Theater around Burnside, and the plethora of restaurants and boutiques along…

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