The Rise of the Urban Forest

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The latest entry at Changing Vancouver is a good reminder of how quickly the urban landscape has been transformed as a consequence of the massive tree planting that occurred in cities in the 1970s – very much a reaction to the world created by Motordom.  All those road-widenings and surface parking lots had removed much of the treescapes that managed to survive, leaving behind the ‘asphalt jungle.’

Doesn’t seem that along ago, does it?  (At least for those of us of a certain age.)  But in that last 40 or so years, street trees have grown enough to dominate the view – notably on Hornby Street, where Arthur Erickson and his landscape architect, Cornelia Oberlander, were able to ignore the city engineers and plant the double row of trees that has now become the new standard.

Here’s the entry from Changing Vancouver:


Our 1965 image shows just how much this area of Downtown…

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