HEALTHY CITY: Cycle infrastructure

Atlantis Magazine by Polis

Landscape Architect, MD landschapsarchitecten

Health has become a major societal issue in the past few years. Following the Chinese example, every self-respecting manufacturer of playground equipment also supplies an outdoor fitness line. Outdoor sports courts bearing the names of famous footballers or tennissers, for example, are also spreading all over the country. Although such initiatives undoubtedly promote movement, it remains debatable whether or not these are having a real impact upon public health and well-being. We have all become aware of the fact that healthy eating does not involve the consumption of a muesli bar or vitamin pill, but rather requires a consistently healthy eating pattern. This same principle applies to healthy exercise: it is not a matter of a few amenities for specific motion but a healthy daily exercise regime.

Health in urban design

Health has been an important starting point for urban design in the past…

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