Fight Over Parking in Suburban DC Highlights the Growing Pains of Planning for the Future


This is somewhat of a tangential update in that it’s an update of an issue referenced in a recent discussion of how suburban Atlanta will urbanize and become less auto-dependent.  Tyson’s Corner , VA, located 10 miles outside of Washington, DC, is one of the largest commercial centers on the east coast, yet it has very few residents and suffers from severe car congestion (for more detailed numbers on the dramatic scope of the project see the previous article).  A number of years ago Tyson’s was allotted four new Metro (DC’s subway) stations  and in the subsequent years Fairfax County decided to make radical land use changes to transform the area from a suburban commercial center into a legitimate city.  A recent Washington Post article detailed a growing concern as the stations’ debut fast approaches: Fairfax County is providing zero parking for future riders.

Tyson’s is the…

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