West End Memories Project: Nadine – 1

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“West End Memories Project: Growing Up in Vancouver’s West End”

This project initiated by three old classmates from the area aims to collect stories and letters from old West Enders – a history of the people and by the people rather than a more traditional historical piece.   The result: a book about living and growing up in the West End, and an archive of stories and information about the area for researchers and the public. 

Many stories and letters have been received from former students and residents dealing with events and relationships in the 1940’s and 1950’s, with a few coming from even earlier times – including colourful stories about bootlegging, gambling, sports, hangouts, school days, and the risks and adventure of living in and around the downtown core. 

One  particularly poignant story was written by Nadine Jones who grew up in the West End in the Depression Years.  Hers is a tale of the struggles and joys…

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