Light, Place, and Spatial Design

Cities for People

Moving between places, a question emerges: what is unique to a place?

Light is cast by the sun onto a round, orbiting planet. Changes in latitude and atmosphere grossly determine local light conditions. The hazy golden afternoon light in Los Angeles is different than the grey blue morning light of Copenhagen. Light inspires mood, atmosphere (and pollution) reflects local patterns of inhabitation. It is continuous, cyclical, and easy to overlook. Comparing photographs, we can study how the light changes over the year or over the globe.

This short video samples the color and palette of light from a series of photos taken in March and April in Copenhagen. Photos are taken out of a west-facing window, of the whitewashed apartments across the street, which reflect eastern light. The dominant colors move from beige to blue as spring approaches.


The following video samples screen shots of several skype conversations peering into…

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