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Color galaxy (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

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Colour-There is a folklore about colors which is culturally sensitive

Although color continues to be of intense interest to the interior designer the issue of how colour effects perception and mood is complex. It is almost certainly culturally sensitive but may also be sensitive to personality, context, and experience. The importance of experience is demonstrated in images of swans viewed through a blue filter – they are still described as white, but affected by a blue light – a phenomenon known as colour constancy. There is a folklore about colors which is culturally sensitive. For example, black is associated with funerals in certain cultures and not in others.
There are certain generalities – red excites and green calms. Bright colors are generally preferred over dull ones, but not for introverts (or presumably, Gothic punks).
Wexner’searly studies of mood associations found that red was ‘eciting and stimulating, yellow was ‘cheerful, jovial and joyful’, ornage was distressed and disturbed, blue and green were ‘tender ,calm and soothing’, and black or brown were ‘despondent, dejected, unhappy, or melancholic.’ Certain combinations of color had different effects.
It has been suggested that colours derive their meaning from the natural environment – passive connotations of blue to the reduction of activity by primitive man as night fell while the active significance of yellows and reds to the rising sun, heralding the beginning of daily activities.
Paderson et al (1978) found few effects of differing room colors when ratings were taken using a wide range of activities, in actual settings of different color.
However, they did not take in to account differing room types, like lounge or bedroom, or the style of the property (modernist, Georgian or Art Nouveau), which seem to have an effect on colour preference.

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