“our creative diversity”

Manzanares urbanization

Manzanares urbanization (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Devi and Arul, two street children. Thiruvanmi...

Devi and Arul, two street children. Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Suburban development in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Suburban development in Colorado Springs, Colorado (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Activities of the informal sector are particularly revolution in the field of construction and the built environment. The capacity of lower income group to build and work collectively towards a common goal is a major factor affecting the quality of the changing urban fabric in the south. A selection of shacks, which itself can be proof of the population’s inventiveness and also of an exemplary, although poverty-induced, attitude towards recycling , can within a few years be turned into inactive, functioning socio-economic urban unit where ever actor plays an important role. Infrastructure that would ensure even basic environmental health standards dose. However, require the kind of material resources and technical know- how that those communities really possess. With the right kind of mix of community participation, expert technical assistance and appropriate institutionalized decision-making mechanism, it is nevertheless possible to arrive at affordable. Culturally appropriate, step solution.
Urbanization is, infect, at the moment, a process that has a stronger and more far-reaching effect on the speed of cultural changing than probably any other single phenomenon. Still twenty years ago, the concept of street-children was almost unthinkable in Africa due to the protective extended family network. Nowadays there s not a single African capital city were this is not a problem. This is of course only one of the numerous results of urbanization, a subject which “our creative diversity” (196), as so many other key documents, treats with surprising superficiality. Maybe the compliers have felt that the subject is too daunting in its vastness


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