Urban design/ City Marketing

Tropical City Streets at Night

Tropical City Streets at Night (Photo credit: epSos.de)

In the face of rapid urbanization , cities are in even greater competition, to attract investments, business, residents and tourism. To deal with this competition, urban management must be made with entrepreneurial spirit. It must be strategic and market-oriented. Thus, employing city marketing strategies in urban development strategies is essential. City marketing is also an instrument for cities to inform and engage their constituencies of initiatives and progresses.
City Marketing requires through preparation and studies to articulate the potentials of the city, its comparative advantage, its vision and an action plan which is aimed at a serious of different objectives such as raising the competitive position of the city, attracting inward investment, improving its image, establishing city identity and mobilize stakeholders.

Given the time and the experience locally available it is not feasible to kick off preparation of city marketing strategy at the city level just for this event.

To this effect will focus on two activities namely; (a) Cities Catalogue (b) Cities Profile
a) Cities Catalogue
This task involves developing a cities catalogue with up to date contact details of the ULG (Telephone number, fax, email), Location, population size, ULG Status, etc.
b) City Profiles/ City Folders


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