Frank Lloyd Wright+Japanese bungalow

English: A view from the northeast of the Welt...

English: A view from the northeast of the Weltzheimer/Johnson house built by Frank Lloyd Wright and now owned by the Allen Memorial Art Museum. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The teak,
maple, oak, and mahogany structure features wide overhanging roofs
with timber brackets, a strongly horizontal design, side porches, and
a wooden exterior that reflects Japanese architecture, while the
more rustic appearance recalls an English country house. Sleeping
porches and a garden setting provide a connection to nature and reflect
current ideas on the need for sunlight and air circulation within
a home. Although in some respects this home resembles the Japanese influenced
houses of Frank Lloyd Wright, the bungalow did not feature
a new floor plan, as did Wright’s homes. In addition, although
the bungalow’s dark-stained wood exterior recalls the look of a shingle
home, it features a consistent custom interior that sets it apart
from this other house type. In California, this Arts and Crafts style
was also called the Mission style because it sometimes included
Spanish Mission design elements.


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