Ancient Egypt Arts

earlier editions also made a clear distinction between two
curiously labelled divisions: the historical styles derived from
Egypt and the classical world of the Mediterranean and the nonhistorical
styles which embraced any non-European architecture.
The latest edition makes no such distinction and takes a
much more global view. Such a change in approach owes as
much to politics and an awareness of where the market is to be
found as to art history.

Outside The Lines

Ancient Egyptian art is highly symbolic and merges abstract style with naturalism. This post serves as an overview of the many phases and transitions of ancient Egyptian art, mostly concentrating on styles of art between 3000 BC and 300 AD.

At this time, art was not just a compliment to function. The main motive for art creation was to assist survival. In this sense, it was a tool for explaining life and teaching survival skills to those who lived in a time before written words.

One of the best examples of survival art comes from ancient Egypt. Painting, sculpture and architecture mostly originated along the Nile River, where quality of life was dictated by the river. To simplify this: life was good when the river flooded and bad when it dried up. The effects of these conditions were evident in various art forms of ancient Egypt. Stories about prosperity and…

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