If there is anything that is steadfast and unchanging, it is change itself

We began with educating communities about climate change and the health and cost benefits of energy efficiency.

           Through each subsequent recovery project, we have evolved that approach to become one that we think of as a “collaborative dialogue of discovery,” which is created through facilitated community conversations (face to face and through social networking).

           This transformative work has revealed that when all the residents, stakeholders, and consultants come together as a collaborative community, a creative force emerges. 


ARCHIABYSSINYA states that its first responsibility and primary focus is to both satisfy and delight the community of end users whom it exists to serve; to fulfill their needs, and to improve their quality of life.

Information is created every day in many different systems. The human resources system has data about staff and experience.

    The accounting system has records about clients, projects, and financial performance. The knowledge management system has data about best practice and firm history. The project information management system has facts about projects and project teams. The BIM files have information about buildings.
        There is a lot of important and potentially valuable information captured in these assets. One of the secrets to future success will be our ability to organize, manage, and harvest information.

       We will create seamless data flow and integration with outside partners. To put it simply, if we manage our information well, then we will run a tighter business, create more informed designs, and deliver more value to our clients.



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